Read. Write. Thrive! is a blogazine dedicated to inspiring and inciting family literacy–regular reading and writing activities that will help your children succeed in school and to help you build stronger family relationships.

The Read. Write. Thrive! Philosophy:

  • Sharp reading and writing skills are necessary to future success.
    A child who can read and understand difficult texts and articulate him/herself in writing is a child who can succeed in any discipline.


  •  When adults read and write with children, their children are more likely to participate willingly. Writing together and sharing what you’ve written allows parents and children to better understand one another, thus, it providing an environment in which families can grow closer.


  •  The concept of Family Literacy relies on parents as their child’s “first teacher.” But that supposes that our work teaching stops when the child enters school.
  • Instead of a “first teacher,” consider yourself your child’s’ only lifelong teacher. After all, you are certainly are more concerned with their success than anyone at the front of the classroom.

    Nurture their literacy in your home as a supplement to formal schooling.

  • Children who read widely are exposed to not only a world of words, but a world of ideas.

Think about those people whom you consider intelligent. What characteristics to they share? No matter what line of work they are in, or what level of financial success they have achieved, those we revere as the “smartest” tend to know at least a little bit about a lot of different things, and they can articulate and communicate their perspectives or ideas well. Reading and writing are the keys to developing these skills.

Reading is the tool for discovering information.
Writing is the tool for thinking, articulating knowledge, and discovering ideas.

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