Welcome to my blogazine, Read. Write. Thrive!
I started this site to share my family’s experiences with reading and writing, two activities that are necessary for academic and life success.

While the importance of reading is emphasized and encouraged in our schools, writing is not yet given its due. This is not to say that there haven’t been improvements. Since The National Writing Commission made its 2003 report to Congress,
The Neglected R: The Need for a Writing Revolution,” school systems have been working to integrate writing into the curriculum.

But this doesn’t mean that students embrace reading or writing any more than they did before school reform. The Accelerated Reader(AR) program, for instance, encourages reading with a reward system, but that doesn’t mean students want to read any more than those who don’t participate in the AR program. AR simply arms teachers and parents with a reason why students should read–because they need to reach their goal, or because they want to earn a prize.

Children should want to read without us dangling points and prizes before their noses. The way to nurture a love or reading and writing is to make them a part of your family life–not just your child’s school life. Otherwise, they are akin to chores that children must do to earn something. The emphasis is on quantity rather than quantity and the learning experience is often lost on the quest for the reward.

Despite inroads in school reform, I continue to see in the college students I teach, a lack of interest in–if not a complete aversion to–reading, and a lack of skill and confidence when it comes to putting thoughts and ideas on paper.

Clearly, there is a disconnect between formal schooling and practice. Family literacy is the strong bridge that will connect that gap.

I hope that Read. Write. Thrive! helps your family enjoy reading and writing together.

The site will include:

** Reading and Writing Activities that you can tailor to your family’s needs,
** Advice–I’ll share what works in my home, and from my own reading,
** News from the literacy front,
** Suggested Reading,
** Commentary on literacy matters,
** Community–I hope that you’ll comment regularly, and contribute your successes and advice! As the community grows, I hope to add a discussion forum.

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